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Re: Profile Fields Questions



I took another look at this and I think I have a potential solution.

You can filter xprofile_get_field_data and make sure that the return value is not a blank or some other non value. The downside of this method is I think you would need to then set the returned string to a known value that indicates it is not populated. The only reason I say this is ideally, you probably want to make bp_custom_get_member_list_xprofile_data return FALSE if the string is blank but I don’t think you can do this within the filter.

As for your second issue, a really hallf-assed way to do it is with two loops. I’m sure there’s a more elegant way but I’ve never written elegant code. ;)

That said, I don’t see a way to dump out two groups in one loop but I’m not very familiar with this code.

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