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Re: Profile stats and location in profile page like

@pcwriter go for it, it’s there to be used if it suits the purpose. – API keys were always a pain :)

@leguis08 Glad it works.

@gunju2221 It is very possibly a custom theme issue, a custom theme will have to have ensured that the correct action hooks exist in pages as the main maps are fed through to the page via these, you could test with the widget instead which was provided really so that site admins could place the map in more refined custom widitised areas of the members profile pages if they existed.

When writing something like this you can only account for that which is known thus the included stylesheet is there simply to try and style the map if it’s dropped into bp-default, therefore those styles may not have relevance to a custom theme, especially where that theme may be heavily modified, however the basic styles are worked on elements and element id’s/classes that should exist in any theme.

The other aspect of course is that you must have created that extended profile field and named it ‘location’ and existing users will then need to actually edit their profile to add an address or partial address for the map to display, if a user hasn’t filled this item in then the map does not display at all.

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