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Re: Profile types

Adding the required selection options means that each user has to select a given type (a default option should also be considered?)

This selection will be displayed on the users profile, but what you now have is a means of checking against something specific. The code above would or should allow you to run specific code only if that condition is met so you could run that for each ‘type’ and end it with an ‘else’ clause for perhaps a default body of code to run if the other conditions are not met.

Where exactly you might place this code is somewhat for you to decide as at this stage we can’t know exactly what portions of a page or profile elements you wish to add unique styling to.

But have a go at setting it up in a basic fashion and checking for yourself that the theory works i.e set up the new profile radios then perhaps in the profile loop do a simple check to see if you can run the conditional outlined above and simply output a line of text for testing purposes.

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