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Re: Project ideas for Google Summer of Code



After thinking about this, I decided I’ll go for the photo gallery plugin.

I think galleries can be used in a lot of scenarios, and users will like to add and share their photos.

The features I have in mind now are:

  • Photos organized in albums: This is important so your “birthday party” photos are separated from your “travel to Paris” photos.

    I thought a nice way to group photos (internally) is using “tags”, so if you want to put your photo in other album too you don’t have to upload it twice. At the same time, using this you could add photos to a “pool” (like in Flickr) easier.

  • Photo captions + comments: Each photo may have a caption and friends can leave comments.
  • AJAX navigation: to make it easier for users who want to see photo by photo.
  • I’ll be happy to integrate galleries into groups. (so if your football team wants to share the shots of the last game, you can see them in the group’s album instead of in your “personal” albums)

You mentioned other ideas that I really liked, but I think this project is the better one. I’ll be glad to hear more feature suggestions and/or critics about features listed above.

I’ll send my application tomorrow (04/2) with -at least- this ideas, but if someone suggests something else for the plugin I’ll try to add it.

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