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Re: public blog not created error



Thanks for the quick response.

I am using 2.9.1, and “registered users from blog community” on all blogs. I checked and that blog has the same settings. The site-admin options is set to “Site can be viewed by registered users of this community only.”

I am using quite a few other mu plugins as well “New Blog Defaults”, “Plugin Commander”, “Default User Role” and “WP Super Cache”. WP Super Cache is turned off, and shows the cache is empty. I can’t see how any of these could effect the privacy settings unless it is something in New Blog Defaults, but this shouldn’t affect anything, and it didn’t in the past.

I get the message when I go to the user, and click on “blog” <:http//siteurl/members/membername/blogs>. I don’t get a message when I click on the “Blog” <http://siteurl/blogs&gt; since this is the site blog listings, but there also isn’t a listing for these blogs.

Thanks for

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