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Re: Question about registration and the admin bar

As that guide is written b y Boone I guess it must be possible, if it hasn’t worked for you you need to review carefully what you have done and that you have followed all steps explicitly, and yes it might be a case that you need the css in which case test that theory by dropping the adminbar css file into your header for the top level site.

There is a means of deactivating the activation and there will be threads on the forum and – I think – a plugin so have a hunt around.

Don’t do this just to circumvent an issue you are having though; to want to remove activation because as you say “the verification email is being marked as spam most of the time” should be telling you that there is something wrong, email servers only apply filters based on sets of rules, you do have to ensure that when email servers look at incoming mail that they can verify it’s origin in other words perhaps you need associated dns mx records for your domain?

Email isn’t necessarily something that just works or something that WP magically deals with, all WP does is simply use a faux email relay such as sendmail it doesn’t know or care whether your emails report themselves correctly.

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