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Re: Question about the future..

Chris, that is a question that most likely is on the mind of many people. While I am not with Automattic and don’t speak for them, my experience has been that bbPress will always be designed to integrate with WP as it is developed by many of the same team. I can also say that WPMU is always going to be synced with the same code as WP and will also work with bbPress. Going even further, buddypress is written based off working with WPMU (soon to be WP as well).

While the timing of releases will require attention to what versions work with each other, there will always be a solution that works. You can be sure of that. Once stable releases come out, they will work together. If you are one of the people that always wants to use the development versions going forward, you will find issues. That is the nature of the beast, but all and all, all should be fine!

Personally, I will always be alerting Buddypress users to what works. Most likely, I will also let people know what doesn’t work since I always am testing all of the software packages on a regular basis (both stable and development).

Hope that helps :)

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