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Re: Questions about home page aggregation and blog subdomains

Andy Peatling


Thanks for the questions. Some things I’d like to see on the home page:

– Latest posts, comments, tags and new blogs.

– Recently active, new, and biggest groups

– Recently active and new members

– Member, group and blog directories

– Site wide activity stream

– Recent group forum posts

– Latest photo updates, most viewed photos

Just some initial ideas. Most of this should be possible already with what is already there. I’m going to tackle the home theme next week.

As for your second question. I’d like to see the signup process modified to allow the first blog to be registered straight away. This may be down the line a little bit though.

Blogs will stay on their own subdomain/subdirectory simply because this is the way WordPress MU works – and changing that would break existing installations.

Site RSS feeds will be available at some point.


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