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Re: Questions about home page aggregation and blog subdomains



I’m really excited about BuddyPress…

I’ve been kicking WPMU and Buddypress around for the past few weeks with a view to adopting it to build a social site for some groups I am involved with.

The BuddyPress stuff is looking very cool and potentially could save a lot of bespoke development and/or plugin integration and customisation BUT… and this is a pretty big but…

As echang highlights above, it worries me that a user has to have at least two different sub-domains in order to have a blog. Could a potential solution, at least in part, be to create a mod-rewrite rule that maps a blogs sub-domain to a sub-directory of the primary user sub-domain such as /blog. Thus the blog admin could be

I’m pretty new to all this and I might be over simplifying the issue (or I might just be overly “simple”??? :-P) but I would be extremely intrested to hear what others in the WPMU and BuddyPress communities think about this topic, along with any other proposed solutions.

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