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Re: Radio button aggressively resets to global default in edit field



Jeff, yes, I hit save changes. I also checked to see that the changes were accepted by looking at my profile in a separate browser window.

After pressing “Save Changes” the default BP theme returns me to the edit page for that part of the profile, and the radio buttons there are set to my global defaults (not the options I just chose). If I browse away to my profile page without saving changes again, the correct (new) options are in place.

I have now tested this on a second (new) BP installation. One thing I found was that it didn’t affect the very first radio button custom field I created in the Base group. I do see the issue for every subsequent custom field I create (in the Base group or in a second field group that I added) though.

Jeff, have you tested this on your install with more than one radio button custom field?

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