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Re: Random signup slug generator to fight spam

Mike Pratt


I have been running BP in Production since well before the 1st alpha release on the same url with the exact same registration slug AND requirements. Nothing is protecting on my site any more than a standard install – no captcha, etc. I can count on my hand the number of spam attempts to register. They are so few, I just delete them and use BanHammer once they try.

How? We have a specific (albeit small) set of required registration fields to fillout. That’s all. I love siple and fast registration as much as the next guy but, unless you want to enforce email address verification and a bunch more, those are your real options.

Changing the slug will work until it doesn’t …which won’t be very long. Consider how that spammer found you in the first place…with a bot – not by randomly coming across your site.. and just like in the matrix, the bots will find you again. :-)

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