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Re: RC1 admin bar sub-menus act weird

sgrunt, your fix did not work for me. On my localhost I tried changing the css for the two elements, but the menu second-level lists still randomly vanish when the mouse hovers over them. I even created a user account on (nice site design btw) and experienced the problem on that site as well.

If I move the mouse very slowly down the menu, then the menu has a greater chance of remaining visible.

Within the code, I disabled the third-level lists from appearing, but this had no effect on the vanishing second-level lists.

I am using Firefox 3.0.6 on Windows Vista. The menu does not disappear when I tested with IE7 (although the third-level menus are prone to flickering).

Also, to fix a validation error that appears when a user is logged in, replace “alt” to “title” on line 507 of bp-core-templatetags.php

Besides the menu problem, Buddypress works awesomely, thanks Andy and BuddyPress community! :-)

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