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Re: reducing the width of buddypress theme

Jeff Sayre



You’re welcome–although I don’t know how helpful I’ve been.

With FTP, you should be able to go into your web root and do pretty much anything you want–that is assuming your hosting firm gives you FTP access privileges.

ie6 only displays 800px screens. is there a way to trick firefox or chrome into behaving like that?

Well, it seems that you are trying to do just that via the CSS. I’m not sure what the issue is though?

I suppose you could use JavaScript to force a resize of the browser window but this would only work for users you have javascript enable (most do) and have not set the Firefox Option that prevents a script from moving or resizing a window. Look here:

Another great FireFox Add-on is the Web Developer Tools. It may help you gain more insight into what is going on!

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