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Re: reducing the width of buddypress theme

Jeff Sayre


Is the height parameter a must, or can you leave it like (800, )?

No. You cannot leave the parameter blank. You could pass a variable into the space if you wanted, but it must have something.

When I tried to remove one WPMU folder I got the error message

“500 Can’t Remove Directory. Permission denied”.

A few questions:

  1. Have you checked the files / folder permission on your WPMU install? You should be able to delete everything that you personally upload to your public_html. Although, with shard hosting, there could be issues with apache owning certain files and folders.
  2. Are you using an automatic WordPress Mu install option from your hosting company? I’m not sure if any hosting companies offer that option for WPMU, but it’s worth asking.

The answer I got was WPMU does something at the Apache level and that I can’t do much about it unless mine is a dedicated hosting service.

  1. Have you contacted tech support for your hosting service provider and asked for their help? This WPMU forum post may prove useful in talking with tech support:
  2. Have you considered changing hosting companies or upgrading to a more robust hosting plan? A VPS perhaps?

WPMU really does not do too well on a cheap hosting plan. Here is sage advice from andrea_r, a WPMU guru:

I have a new installation now.

I think the width problem is to be fixed elsewhere.

Please consider these:

As far as figuring out what’s going on with your CSS, this is where the Firebug tool comes in very handy! It takes awhile to learn how to use it. But once you do, you can determine where a given div or class is pulling its instructions from and then temporarily override those selector parameters within Firebug and see how that affects the overall layout. It is a very powerful and useful tool!

Concerning CSS issues with IE6: my personal opinion is to not worry about supporting that browser anymore. It is just a big pain and too much work for too little return–less than 20% usage ( ). Again, that is just my opinion.

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