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Re: reducing the width of buddypress theme



Jeff, I can’t afford a VPS. I have to go with this, but the service is much better than is usual. Think of Elgg, it requres so many things including very new MySql and PHP versons and several other stuff. My HS guys took care of it and installed it themselves for me, though it’s not under the “Script Software’.

As for WPMU, first I tried to install myself allowing all permissions for the database concerned. I had a problem, and asked the help of my HS. They installed it for me. I asked them whether they had to do anything special at their end for the installation. They said NO, just make it 0777 for wp-content and it would work. It did.

In fact, they removed several WPMU folders at my request, but at the time I had not realized that all of them were WPMU folders. I was frantically installing, deleting and re-installing all kkind of CMS and SNW softwares. When I realized it, I posted a note at a WPMU forum. The rest you know.

What happens is when I click a folder, inside I see wp-content, and then a blog folder, it goes on like that until a 2 or 2009, and then I get the error message. I go on changing prmissions as I go along, but at last I reach a point where I am not allowed to change the permission setting. Anyway, I am going to ask my HS what’s the problem involved. I will let you know.

Thnaks for your long conerned reply.

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