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Re: Register and login

Well as you have pointed out this is, like WP, an open source piece of work free to download and run, so sadly expecting any level of support is simply out of the question, what support there is, as you’re well aware, is free and provided by a voluntary group of users who have managed through using the software to gain a degree of knowledge and understanding which they attempt to use to help others out with.

I’m not sure if you asked a more detailed question elsewhere about your issue but based on this one it would be next to impossible to help you as you simply do not provide any technical detail on the issue that we would be able to use to start to figure out what may be the issue and provide feedback and help.

You might counter with the fact that as a newbie, technically unskilled, you are not sure how to provide this info but that is something that just has to be learned. There are posts describing what detail to supply in a thread which at least give us something to go on.

Your last comment about a need for more support may be true and that is where YOU come in! give back to the community help out on the forum as you learn and gain knowledge from using BP/WP, this is how tech forums survive and thrive YOU are the help!

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