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Re: Register page and user page 404 error

Jeff Sayre


Make sure you have the bpmember theme in the proper place: /wp-content/bp-themes/

Then, make sure you have it selected in WPMU’s backend by navigating to the BuddyPress menu grouping like this:

BuddyPress > General Settings > Select theme to use for BuddyPress generated pages

Choose the “BuddyPress Default Member Theme”.

I took a look at my .htaccess file which currently has the

AddType x-mapp-php5 .php

Command to force the server to use php5. When I add the text from the htaccess.dist

Also, concerning the .htaccess file. It will automatically be created for you during the WPMU install. So, if you went to it and did not see anything, then something went wrong with the install. Why did you have to add the text from htaccess.dist to your .htaccess file?

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