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Re: register.php not working (but wp-signup.php does)

Jeff Sayre


P.S. I did check the error log for the past couple of days for any reference to this error and didnt see anything. Infact, there don’t seem to be any errors with relation to the domain I am hosting BP on at all.


I realize that it may seem like none of the errors in the log file apply to your situation, but you need to let us make that decision. Please share with us all the errors in the log file.

But, before you paste several weeks or months of log file errors, please do this:

– make a backup copy of your log file just in case your hosting provider needs it to help you with an unrelated problem down the road

– then, clear out the log file so that it is empty

– then try recreating your problem

– reopen the log file. If there are ANY errors, share those with us

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