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Re: register.php not working (but wp-signup.php does)



Ok after further testing, my earlier belief that wp-signup.php works was wrong. I just realized that I must have tried wp-signup.php while signing up with a gmail address (which works).

Considering that the only entry that I make for the admin email address is to add the email address in the site admin options, do I not need to add a user name and password into WPMU for the email address to allow WPMU access to send emails? I am using a non gmail domain hosted on google apps as the support email in the admin.

Btw, I realize that with wp-signup.php not functioning as well, this is no longer a buddypress issue but probably a WPMU one. However, I would still be grateful for any help I can get from these forums. I will continue my search at WPMU forums also. Thanks.

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