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Re: Register vs wp-signup : passwords vs signup question



Hi Jeff,

thanks for getting back on that part of the question. I actually do not know where I got if from, I guess from the WPMU forums, but Google does not seem to know it anymore.

I have never had any premium subscription, so unless they offered it for free temporarily, it must have een from the public part of the

This is the info from the plugin file, which does not give much info:


Plugin Name: Signup Question

Plugin URI:


Author: Andrew Billits / James Farmer

Version: 1.0.1

Author URI:


Basically it let you define a basic question in the backend (I think the standard question was ‘is fire hot or cold’), which would be easier to solve than most captcha’s and was needed to sign up.

Edit: I found it:

Though not a premium plugin, it is not GPL either… /Edit

I am not sure if this part made any difference in stopping splogs though: seeing the thousands of hits on my -renamed therefore non-existent- wp-signup.php it seems that renaming the sign-up file would make more difference.

That is also why I doubt if renaming teh slug will help as the underlying fle can still be reached?

Welcome your input on both aspects, thanks!

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