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Re: Register vs wp-signup : passwords vs signup question



I have never received any answer on teh original questions and I am getting really tired of deleting the splogs that happened only after installing Buddypress.

Just the last few hours 5 splogs registered, all with name-surname19xx as username, all from different email domains.

I know it is not too much to check every blog, check every user, mark him as a spammer and add the email domain to the sh*tlist under options.

But the point is that before BP I had to do this less than once per month. So I repeat, hopefully somebody wil;l at least answer the2nd question (hopefully the first as well, but I fear a standard ‘ask the plugin-author’ reply):

“So my questions to determine the best action to make sign ups easy but splogs difficult:

– why won’t the WPMU sign-up question plugin work on the BP register page? Is there a way to fix that?

– More importantly: Can the register page be renamed? If so, which file(s) and what other (internal) links?”

Many thanks,

Cheers, Harry

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