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Re: registered-users-only-2 – registration redirects to wp_admin

Think I found it – at least it seems to be working now!!

To redirect to the homepage on login:

line 147 in wp-includes > general-template.php has to be changed from:
<a href="” title=”Login”>Login

<a href="” title=”Login”>Login

after much trial & error I replaced (‘url’) not with the entire URL but with just the name of the folder that my BuddyPress protected blog is in – this is because my blog is not in the root folder – if yours is it may not be necessary to change anything.

YAY… hope you can still make this easier for other users of your GREAT script… thank you Jehy!!
It is protecting all pages and sections from prying eyes. Other scripts I tried had spotty protection – once on the registration page they let some of the tabs like members be viewable without registering or logging in…. registered-users-only2 is protecting everything.

: )

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