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Re: Remove BP component links from main WP menu

@mercime, I’m not sure what was causing it, but once I created a child theme from Citizen Kane, I found that the header image from the bp-default theme was showing up behind the custom header image I uploaded (it has a transparent background so I could see behind it). I was trying different things, so I don’t know what was causing it. But sorry about the confusing post.

@modemlooper, the code you posted is what was left after I cut out lines 54-80. I also cut out line 84 as @mercime suggested. I put it back because it was in the code you posted but it didn’t seem to make a difference. Thanks both of you for your help though, it works now.

@Jenny, you might want to check out the BP-WP Navbar Menu plugin. It lets you customize the bp admin bar and you can add all your bp links under a drop-down menu (labelled “Community” by default).

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