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Re: Remove ‘deactivated blog posts’ from the recent blog posts widget?



I just had the ‘bleeding edge’ upgrade completed a few hours ago. Prior to that I am unsure what vs. I was using.

As to admin rights:

Is it possible to have a usergroup that can ‘moderate’ the posts on any forum but do nothing else like touch the plugins, themes etc?

I’d like to have 2 groups,

admins that can erase posts

mods that can ‘suspend’ posts or unpublish them, and have a message sent to the site admin that the content was inappropriate etc… Kind of how like vbulletin does things. We have warning systems, mods, admins, super-admins, etc… I am able to create custom groups with custom permissions etc, to allow them to do only things I want. This has saved my butt more times than I care to talk about.

As to deleting the user:

For the most part I wouldn’t want to be that drastic.

I have many people that come to the forums, and post stuff that I don’t agree with, or don’t really believe belongs on my site. They are usually well meaning people, but have much lower standards than I try to keep up with on my site. These people I usually just make part of a separate group, with very few permissions, like only able to post in certain forums, no pm system etc….

Usually I can ‘work’ with them, to let them know what I found offensive, and many times the problem does not come up again. If I had simply banned them, then very few people would survive on my site.

There are the people that just come in to spam our site from time to time. Those people I have no problem simply deleting.

I hope what I am trying to express makes sense.

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