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Re: Remove the ‘view’ button in the activity stream

Roger Coathup


Hi; yes, that kind of puts a nice full stop on its display.

It doesn’t get rid of the problem of ‘dots’ being added on other elements you might want (like the delete option) though.

I’m solving it, by putting my own simple API calls in bp_custom.php (I guess they’d work in functions.php as well) to return the items I want from the activities_template uncorrupted:

my_activity_action(); returns just the action field without the meta stuff being forced in
my_activity_time(); so the time of the activity (rather than time since) can be displayed
has_delete_permissions(); used in conjunction with bp_get_activity_delete_link to just display the delete link if appropriate

Then, modifying entry.php to call these functions instead.

An improved set of API functions would make theming a lot easier – would be good to know where the invite thread is.

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