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Re: Remove User ID from Blog Related Site Wide Activity

Burt Adsit


I was taking a look at this again to give you a sample and it turns out I was looking at some code from r805 or so. Don’t know why it’s hanging around on my dev server. Never mind what I said. That function bp_blogs_record_activity() doesn’t have any hooks we can use.

It looks like the only fn we can hook is bp_blogs_record_post() which calls the record activity fn. That is in bp-blogs.php if you want to take a look at it.

I gotta scrape my dev server clean and re-install from the latest trunk. Probably more weirdness hanging around. The basic concept of modifying bp’s behavior without modifying the core is to copy a function, change it to do what you want and hook up your new function in place of the old one.

The mod to make would occur right below or above line #377. Detecting donncha’s site wide tags plugin and not doing anything with that post on that blog. Same idea for you on blog id 2. That line # is from r832.

Let me get back to you with some suggested sample code after I clean up my dev server.

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