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Re: Removing Buddypress from WordPressMU

Pretty simple really:

1) Make a backup of your DB just in case you change your mind.

2) Remove anything that has prefix of bp in your /mu-plugins/ folder

3) Delete the folder /wp-content/member-themes/

4) Delete the folder /wp-content/themes/buddypress-home/

5) Delete any tables in your DB that start with the prefix bp

6) Delete the tables that are in format of wp_user_X_activity ….. Not wp_users, just those specific to BP

7) Change your main WPMU blog to use a different theme

8) Be prepared for hits to non-existent information if you have been hit by search engines

Really, it is just reversing what you did in the installation process. Making backups before and after are really important as you don’t want to make a mistake. It is also good practice to tell your members that you are doing it since they might have issue with the changes, or at least need to be notified.

Hope that helps.


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