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Re: Removing Groups From Forums

@alanchrishughes; That makes sense to me, and I think that’s the way social networking will go soon, though it’s in its infancy right now. I think the very concepts of ‘forums’, ‘groups’, ‘blogs’ and so-on will merge, and fade into history soon enough.

I like the information filtering provided for user in the activity streams. For example, ‘All Members’ shows all activity, while ‘My Friends’ or ‘My Groups’ shows only what has been posted by friends, or in groups you belong to. That’s simple enough for almost anyone to grasp, and easy to use. When that sort of thing is extended into “What sort of information do you want to see, and how do you want to see it?” we’ll be making further progress. Currently, something like a forum is not easy for most people to grasp and use, and very restrictive for developers.

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