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Re: Removing Groups From Forums



@Peterverkooijen I really like the idea of them all being mixed together, if nothing else just to see what can be done, breaking down boundaries. Sometimes you just want to blurt something out facebook or twitter style into your stream, other times you want to post something with a bit of direction that you would post on a website,blog, or messageboard, but in the end it is all one user account, one profile, in one familiar place.

And you do realize that bbpress still requires you to log in also right? When I suggested that I was referring to talking about how one day blogs/forums/groups will merge into one thing. So it would embody aspects of social networking but also aspects of traditional websites and blogs which sometimes have 1 time visitors to read a news story and just want to ad a quick response. In the future this news article may be written as a forum post to a group, which is then query_posts(“showposts=10&category_name=whatever”); to a list on the front page of a website with a fancy little custom field thumbnail and excerpt.

Or maybe one day all buddypress installations will be able to be connected in a way, like gravator, so that I could be logged into my favorite skate magazine website, but post a comment to an article on a political website and this would show up in my universal buddypress stream, and then there is a time machine and flux capacitor plugin that can make ice cream sundaes……

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