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Re: Removing Groups From Forums

@peterverkooijen; I don’t think mixing in anonymous users defeats the point at all. Why should it? Don’t you talk to people you don’t know almost every day? Don’t people comment in passing about things, often making people smile? If software systems model the real world of human interactions, then I’d say that anonymity is quite normal. Perhaps you may still be stuck within the limitations of the terms you’re using? It’s not about “cramming everything in”, it’s about opening up to wider possibilities, and much, much easier ways of doing things which mean more to ordinary people rather than just those excited by technology (ie., us!)

Edit: In fact, you’ve just hit the nail right on the head. Rigid definitions lead to rigid mappings between rigidly defined data sources and the rigidly defined interface used to show their content. The future of CMS/Blog/Forum/Networking software is to drop the rigidity and open up to an amazing new flexibility and power. Not yet. But soon.

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