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Re: Replace WP profile edit with BP profile edit



I’ve copied all code from wp-login.php to a custom wp page in my template called memberlogin.php at I had to make this edit to make the login form show up at that address:

require( '././wp-load.php' );

Unfortunately, the form is broken, so there must be other addresses in the file that require editing…

EDIT 1: There’s an obvious culprit:

<form name="lostpasswordform" id="lostpasswordform" action="<?php echo site_url('wp-login.php?action=lostpassword', 'login_post') ?>" method="post">

Replaced all instances of ‘wp-login.php’ with ‘login’. Will all the code work without the php?

Yes! Logging in via this form works.

Unfortunately logging out does NOT work… :-(

When I try /login?action=logout directly in the browser address bar I get this:

You are attempting to log out of Your Site

Do you really want to log out?

After confirming the message bar says ‘failure noticed’ and I’m redirected to the homepage, still logged-in.

Apparently those ?actions don’t get taken along with the redirect. The redirect is just a blunt redirect to the /login and there it ends. :-(

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