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Re: Replies disappear when I try to reply on Activity Stream page?

I’m no longer on their pay plan, so they arent digging in deep for me.

I guess thats why I was hoping to get it resolved on here.

Er well while we’re willing to help there’s a limit to free support, but it’s not so much that that’s the issue it’s simply that we have exhausted what we can probably do without getting down and dirty with the actual site and files. You have an issue that shouldn’t be happening IF you have taken everything back to a clean install and default theme that is. It’s perplexing and I certainly don’t know what to suggest other to still think there’s some customisation or plugin at work causing issues – might not be a bp plugin!

As for asking whether there are files you can replace that is not a question that ought to be asked we have said and I think you have acknowledged that you must be testing with a clean install, core files should never have been modified if your child theme files were then that would be caught by using the default theme to test with – that theme as well as the core files should never be modified. If these conditions are met there is something very screwy going on and you will need to pay a developer to look the site over.

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