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Re: REQ: for all coders: Uninstall process please…

the problem with all these protocols is not to build them, but to make them followed by all coders. we faced this on other projects, and most of the time we abandon this due to the lack of consistancy in the release process: no audit, no verification staff, nobody to keep the database of plugins uptight…

as a good example, my own work for vBulletin is always rated higher in the priority list because they are core-modifications, not featurettes. site owners could always change the priority level of my addons if they want *(for no logical reason)… most of the products coded in the vBulletin market are priority 5, and they conflict between them, because nobody is able to set their code to not conflict with others… and there is no staff available to check all thes products to see if they fit by version or by conflict… so it’s a real mess.

the only real solution for these install/protocols would be to have a team that keep all these releases clear of conflicts… but i’m sure it’s far from being possible, as everybody here is volunteer… people can not simply spend all their time checking all and every version to see if they contain all the processes and follow the exact WP protocol to the letter…

and most of the time, the ones who are not happy with the need to apply protocols are the ones who don’t care, they code something for their needs and think they can help if they release their work, no matter the rules. and even if we’re in the GPL thing, coders don’t always wish to see their work reworked.

i face this kind of brainstorm debate right now for a project i’m building… we face the need to control about everything that “may” be released by third party coders… we have outsourcers, but also fans who will release their work, and we want to make sure everybody have the hability to code properly, or we face the switch: we recode it, or we reject it…

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