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Re: Request Features – Group Plugin

I second these:

* Group categories – You may want to allow your users to categorize their groups by subject, location, etc. Categorized groups make it easier for users to find and join groups that interest them. As the admin, you can create an unlimited number of group categories and subcategories.

For me, this would be super useful. I\’ll have a group for each of our residence halls (category \”housing\”), one for each of our sorority/fraternity groups (category \”greeks\”), one for each of our non-social student organizations (category \”student organization\” for which it would be cool if \”greek\” could be a subcategory, but I\’ll take what I can get), etc. We\’re going to have a LOT of groups, it would be very nice to be able to organize them somehow.

* Browse groups – Users can browse groups by category or search for groups by keyword. This makes it easy for them to find and join groups that interest them.

* Group photo album – If allowed, each group is given its own photo album. Like normal albums, limits can be placed on the allowed file types and image dimensions. If allowed by the group leader, comments can be posted on these photos.

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