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Re: request for invitation to private group / approve e-mail link not working



Ah sorry about the lingo, Erich73!

I meant on my local, test install of WPMU and BP.

I can’t say for sure that upgrading will fix your problem, because if DJPaul is having the same problem, then it must be a legitimate problem!

Although I’m not sure which version of BP DJPaul is running.

I’m just going to try and clarify a few things here.

In the “private group invite” email I received, this is what I got:

One of your friends Ray has invited you to the group: "Private Group".

To view your group invites visit: http://localhost.localdomain/members/test/groups/invites

To view the group visit: http://localhost.localdomain/groups/private-group

To view Ray's profile visit: http://localhost.localdomain/members/admin

I click on the first link and it takes me to a BP Group Invites page, which allows me to accept or reject the invite.

This is the process you guys are talking about right?

Or are you talking about accept / reject links from within the email?

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