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Re: Require Login

This is exactly what I’m trying to do – create a private, members-only site that could be either invite-only or have the registrants moderated by the admin. I would think this scenario would be pretty common with many groups – companies, orgs etc.

I’ve spent the past day and a half combing this forum and others looking for the solution. FYI, I’m not a PHP programmer, but I can copy and paste code when necessary. The closest I’ve gotten is with 2 methods:

– the plugin that Trent posted that PW-protects the member pages. It does allow new registrations but it doesn’t protect the home page or the groups.

– the More-Privacy-Options plugin mentioned above, with the “Site can be viewed by registered users only..” option turned on. The problem I’m having with this one is there’s nowhere for new people to apply/register. So if you’re a non-member and you go to any page (including the registration page) you get the login screen, which doesn’t have a Register link. I’m guessing there must be a workaround for this, but haven’t been able to find it yet.

Which brings me to another problem that I’m having, which is how to invite non-members into the site. I’ve got the “Invite Friends” plugin installed and it seems to work ok, but it’s only for the administrator, which is ok for now, but eventually it would be good to be able to allow site members to invite new people in. I see this as an option in the settings, and a link in the Friends sidebar.

Using a common example, Facebook is pretty much doing all of this now. So non-members arrive at the base URL to a landing page with an intro message, where they can register for membership. Plus existing members can invite (via a link in the friends area) non-members to join up.

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