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Re: Require VIP membership for group creation

Joe Marino


@beckb Thank you for the plugin link and for your very helpful suggestions! I think I can certainly make due with doing things manually for now as you suggested and if the site is successful, I will definitely look into hiring someone to do some custom coding. If anyone reading this would like to offer a quote on such a project, feel free to contact me: jmarino715 (at) gmail (dot) com

As for your comment regarding mod status being an “enticement”, there are a number of benefits to joining my site’s VIP program other than group moderator privileges. It’s difficult to explain it all though without providing specific details or a link to the site which is something I am not prepared to do while the site is still under its current stage of development. I considered taking more drastic measures at the end of the subscription period such as disabling the group’s forum (or the group itself). However, since this is a new site, and there are other more “enticing” benefits that would cease to exist at the end of the subscription period, I figured it would look better to allow all of the groups to remain fully functional regardless if a specific group’s creator is paying their subscription fee or not. Also, before taking such drastic measures, I would need to figure out a way to disable the group/forum without deleting its relevant database entries. This way, if the group creator decides to re-subscribe at a later date, or if someone else would like to take over the payments for the group, they won’t have to start all over again from scratch. Of course, this is an entirely separate issue and I figured I would save this conversation for a later date when I could fully explain it but there you have it since you brought it up. :)

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