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Re: [Resolved] Customizing bp_get_displayed_user_nav()

Jeff Sayre


Hum. That is odd. I copied the friends_setup_nav() into bp-custom.php, just like you did, and made one minor change to the outputted text so that I would know if it took. I altered the priority as indicated above, and it worked without issue.

I would suggest that you first get the override working as I did before you try more complex output manipulation. Once you know that it is working, you can then move on to customizing the output. I would guess that there is something else in your custom code output that is causing this not to work. Have you checked PHP’s error logs?

Also, make sure that you are using the default BuddyPress theme and no 3rd-party plugins. Distill your operating environment down to the least common denominator when trying to adjust the output of core files. That way, once you get things working as you like, if you have issues when switching to a custom theme and/or activating a 3rd-party plugin, that it is more then likely some conflict with those items.

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