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Re: [Resolved] Video embedding



OK. The developer of the phpmotion script oEmbed has it working on his WP site by adding to the wp-includes/class-oembed.php

‘#http://(www.)?*#i’ => array( ‘’, true ),

This allows the URL to be embedded in a WP post simply with the URL such as

You can see it working in this blog posting:

However, I would like this to work in the activity stream and the forums.

For YouTube, I can just add the URL in the stream or forum – but not for the chemvideos site (which works in a WP post now).

This is what I put in the functions.php file (I also tried in the bp_customs.php file):

# php wp_oembed_add_provider( ‘*’, ‘’ );

Ugh – I’ve tried all sorts of combinations to get the code to show — sorry – but it is getting stripped out. And yep – even surrounding it with code still strips it — so — just imagine that the line is surrounded with angle brackets.

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