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Re: RPX + BuddyPress, what technical obstacles should we be aware of?



To clarify, this is something we’re going to be using for paying clients, not the public at large, so that should take some of the issues raised above out of the equation.

Also, this is going to enable us to take away the 4 separate passwords / logins our paying customers need to use currently down to 2 for things like the forums, their website, billing, support, etc…. that is the main reason we’re implementing this…. otherwise we wouldn’t waste our time building something unless it was totally necessary….

I’m not concerned about whether or not it is a trend as RPX has been getting serious traction and even some big box retailers have started using it, so unless it crashes and burns, I’m not worried. If it gets us by for a year or two, I would be happy with that too. :)

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