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Re: Running BuddyPress in a subdirectory



Nope, no other problems, just the messaging problem I referred to in another thread (and maybe that’s related?). The other person I’ve found who has that problem does not seem to have a subdirectory install, though. (in the comments here

So far every other problem I’ve had has been clearly matched to this misalignment of /eportfolios and /eportfolios/social . And working out the right links has fixed all of those problems.

But I think maybe I wasn’t clear–it’s not just that buddypress is in a sub-directory, the issue is that the buddypress homepage (home blog) is *not* the home blog of the wpmu install. Blog number 1 of wpmu is at /eportfolios and the buddypress home is /eportfolios/social

Is that something you’ve tested and had full functionality without these changes? That would be great–would make upgrades easier–but I don’t see how.

See, siteurl() is . but in the case of those links in the top nav (and others) it should be

Tell me there’s something obvious I’m missing! That would be great!

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