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Re: Scaling down/Centering complete Buddypress

Ahh. I see! I gotcha now.

I have seen this behavior in IE when you try to put a width on the body tag… which the default theme does. The simple solution is just to get rid of any width declarations on body (or maybe 100% would work) so the entire problem goes away. Just add a wrapper div around your entire site and put your page width on that. Open it as the first thing after body and close it just before the close body tag. Give it an id and then apply your width to that… so…


<div id="wrapper">
[everything else]

CSS in site-wide.css

body {
min-width: 100%;
max-width: 100%;

#wrapper {
width: 970px;

Of course… this means editing your theme files (header and footer)… not just overriding some CSS. But I think this would be a better solution than relying on javascript hacks. Also, I have not tested this in IE… so I’m not 100% sure it will work. You might have to edit the base.css files to completely remove the min-max width declarations rather than just overriding them with 100% in the site-wide.css file.

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