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Re: Search-Engine-Optimization plug-in ?

Sven Lehnert


Hi @ all, I build the Seo for Buddypress plugin.

When I saw this discussion, I decided to write an article about Seo.

(Sorry for my terrible English, I hope I will be able to bring my thinking on the point.)

First of all, Search-Engine-Optimization and Link-marketing is hart and long work.

If you aspect to do nothing and become a good ranking and search results,

forget about it.

The way google ranks content of a website is not explained in a small forum article.

But I will try to explain you the most important.

Seo is marketing ! Most keyword marketing.

So you need to have harmony between your Title, Meta Description and the Content of the page.

A clear title (for human understandable) and a real description, where the Keywords also are used in a understandable sentence.

Google knows English and many other languages. And it can realise if you wrote a real sentence, which is unique in a way and has something to do with the content of the page.

If your Title, Your Meta Description, Your Keywords (not so important any more)

are filed in correct, and the main keywords are in the title and the description and comes back in the content of the page, than google knows that this content is real and has something to say.

Google does not like generated titles and descriptions with no sense.

Or even just copying the content from the website in the description is not the way google like. Also google do not like if your description looks similar all over your site.

For example:

If we looking at the Profile Page.

If you always have the sentence:

This is a profile page from my social network for pet lovers.

Google will find this sentence with every users profile on your site.

So if you have 10 members, Google will have 10 times the same sentence.

Google won’t find this sentence attractive. It will think all your member pages are not interesting and will mark your site with duplicate description.

This will be very bad for you!

If you would write a user name in:

This is a profile page from “name”, one user of my social network for pet lovers, google would like this more.

But still the sentence is to similar. Just one word has changed.

All the other look the same. In the end google will mark your site with duplicate description


So if you would have a sentence like this:

This is “name” profile page he has a “ped”. He likes “Interests”. He comes from “…” and is looking for “…”

Google would love every user profile.

Every body has different ped’s, hobby’s, comes from different places and so on.

In this fact google would mark your profile pages as made from a human.

This is real Search-Engine-Optimization

You see what I want to explain.

Title, Meta Description and Content must be meaningful!

For this I build the Plugin.

It gives you the possibility to make a unique meaningful Title, Meta description and keywords-marketing for all sites and parts of your Social Network.

For this you have to think about every part of your website to feed the needs.

The special tags in the plugin for example group-name, user-name, event-name are your place holders to create descriptions from your content.

This plugin is in an early state.


Buddypress changed allot in the last versions, and I had enough to do to keep it working.

In the next versions I will add all the special tags, who are needed.

If all the special tags are added, I will make a global configuration.

That means If you install the plugin, a most common Seo optimization will be there.

And the Special Tags will be used by default.

Then you have your full automatic Seo optimization.

But this would be never so effective, as doing it properly by hand for every part.

At the moment, buddypress does not add descriptions and keywords at all.

So if you use the plugin and have static descriptions because of the missing special tags in this early state, don’t worry.

Its still better to have a description then have no at all.

There are many other thinks I will integrate in the Plugin in the future, xml sitemap for all buddypress sites, alt tags for images and much more…

Also I will write some more articles about Search-Engine-Optimization. If needed.

I’m looking forward to from Bowe. Maybe I will have the chance to go deeper in Search-Engine-Optimization there.

I hope I could make thinks more clear!

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