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Re: Search-Engine-Optimization plug-in ?



ALT tags and title tags of the images that appear on the home page and sub pages of buddypress sites should be taken into to consideration for an SEO plugin, or future core development. Currently my BP site rank far below other sites when you google for the actual dot com, which is also in the title in big letters with the new default bp theme. Unfortuanelty google sees a majority of my site as

“home” and “group avatar”

there should be a way to change / add title and alt tag to the large site title, and the small title in admin bar. I would also experiment with appending the site tite to some of hte other images.. it would be better for me to have:


my-dot-com-group avatar




right now if type in my dot com into google, another site shows number one result, and that site is completely blank – just an empty dot com folder – that’s my first clue that bpress seo is in need of help –

Svenl77 – even with poor english translation – you are very right about all of that – you have certainly done your seo homework!

I know some of the issue is the text content showing in recent sitewide posts is not helping, but pretty much everything else on the page is gravatar images and others that are not helping the front page to rank for it’s keywords – I could take groups and recent active members off the front page and see the effects.

I would love to know where in the theme or code it is controlling the “home” as title of my site title, and group avatar, and blogs, etc – To those alt and title tags are the second biggest seo mistake with buddypress right now –

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