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Re: Seeking advice for in root or in sub-folder install



Thank you Techguy!

I see your interesting point, using WP multisite with not blogs for users enabled in BP settings, it’s as WP standard single user. I didn’t know that multisite allows for many more options perhaps useful down the road. Can you run only one blog with BP on WP multisite? A main blog where all members would share the one blog for publishing their posts?

I will be after all other BP community features it provides.

I am gradually getting the picture. I am only considering before the install: in root or in subfolder install (to change my site’s original home page or having a new homepage for members), multisite or single WP. Because of these my mind is quite mixed up now days; if it was a new site I would decide on the spot. I just need to figure out these logistics and then I will be able to make it live basically right away.

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