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Re: Seeking advice for in root or in sub-folder install



Thanks. I checked out your website, interesting concept for sports fundraising. Do you plan to target for members globally, schools, individuals? Incidentally our kid just started to do better in tennis :)

Yes, I cannot decide how to restructure my website. To keep all old html pages as they are, a new home page with WP or home page created by BP. Or keep all as is and create a new directory. But I probably should think modern, and, WP and BP aren’t going to fade away. I need a new features for members so there’s only one right way it seems – to move all into one database.

So your blog is a page saved as a page-template and set in WP for blog, and another page with a second page-template set for home page? That’s how you achieved it? Something like that was discussed in this forum somewhere. Your blog is not linked yet from your home page. I hope you will do well with this!

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