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Re: Seo for Buddypress 1.0 beta


It should be under “General Seo / Main Blog / MAIN BLOG START or MAIN BLOG HOME.

It depends on the Page you selected as Home Page.

If your start page is the activity front page so you need to use MAIN BLOG HOME.

I will change the names and label it more clear in the next version.


%%forumtopictitle%% still does not work right…. I was to much in a hurry last week.

I will look into the forum tags more proper on Monday.


Hi Erich, you do not need to be afraid of anything.

There is no BLACKSEO in Seo for buddypress.

The only thing, the plugin does, is to offer the possibility to enter Title Description and Keywords for every specific part of your site.

This means the Buddypress pages, the main blog posts, pages and the mu blogs with posts, pages and so on.

There is no way to enter this important informations in a Buddypress environment. Thats the reason of the plugin. It does not deal with some illegal seo tricks.

Just what Google expect you to do.

I wrote a article on my blog, exactly about the need of seo in Buddypress


If you have a small blog, and your members are more or less fans of your blog or in a way followers, I think you are right.

But if you have a commercial site it looks different.

For example a social network about a town, with the artist of the town and the events of the town should be seo.

Every Member is a different artist, and goggle should know what kind of artist.

Also the events of the city, I like to find, and so they need seo.

Another example: I’m just developing a site for a political party. Thy want to have a social network to make communal politic.

For this they use Groups and GroupWiki.

Also every politician will have its own profile and blog. Of curse the politician profiles and all the rest need seo.

Otherwise thy would do their politics undercover.

I could give you aplenty of examples for what kind of community seo in buddypress is needed.


One of the main reasons I even want to use this is to stop BP from adding Title | Component | Title. Most RT an share buttons pull this title and it’s not very user friendly.

This is 100 % seo!

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