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Re: Server Setup for a network of 2000 people

Paul den Hertog


Thanks a lot guys! I already found Jim (where would the world be without Google these days :P) and he seems to be a great resource indeed. I also read about supercache and i will absolutely give it a go.

I originally posted after getting a ridiculous server lag (118 queries in 38 secs or slower) but it turned out to be a very badly configured hyperactive firewall and now i’m getting the same queries in about a second, which is ok for now.

Anyway, thanks for the directions, i’ll be sharing some of my results soon i hope.

Keep up the good work!

Beyonddesign: To answer your first post, it depends on the traffic you’ll be generating, meaning how often will your members visit?

I’m getting very nice results with Ubuntu 8.04.1 lts, latest stable packages of apache2/php5/mysql5, configured with only 1cpu and 1gig of ram, running on a vmware esx3 host (note: hosting only 80 very active blogs)

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