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Re: Setting up access to admin correctly for a BP network site

I am using WP 3.0.1 and BP
I am definitely sure that others can see my admin, and not just some parts of it. One fo the other users and I were trying to sort this out, and she coudl see exactly what I see. She actually accessed my admin where she could see the Super Admin links, and she accessed these through one of the other member’s admin area. I suspect the problem lies in that when users register, they end up not as independent users, but as users on the main site ie. mine. When I look at the “sites” area in my admin, i can see that there are many users whose site address is, and then there are a few (ie. a minority) with site addresses as The only thing we’ve been able to establish as to how come this is, is that it seems that if users create a blog at the same time as when they first create their account, they end up with their own site address, ie. http://site/username. Otherwise, if they first create their account, then at a later time create a blog, they end up as a user on And I cannot figure out why that is.

These are the plugins I have currently have activated:

BP Blog Author Profile Link
BuddyPress Chat Component
BuddyPress Follow
BuddyPress Group Email Subscription
BuddyPress Like
BuddyPress Profile Privacy
Eventbrite for The Events Calendar
Fast and Secure Contact Form
Invite Anyone
More Privacy Options
Network Privacy
One Quick Post
The Events Calendar
TinyMCE Advanced
Welcome Pack

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