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Re: Several Buddypress sites one login?

Jeff Sayre



Would it be very complicated to write a plugin that checks if the entered username exists in the other three databases? And then verify the user’s password by checking in that same database? And then enter that user’s data, including username + pass, into the ‘New Community’ database?

This could be done but the issue would be security as you are grabbing data across domains. I am not a big fan of pushing and pulling your members’ most important data across domains–that data being usernames and passwords. It exposes your site in a potentially dangerous way. Implementing security measures would be essential.

The best option is to allow your users two choices in accessing your suite of sites:

1. A separate account for each site–which means you do not need to do anything different

2. A single sign on (SSO) solution, be it OpenID, FOAF+SSL, or even the Facebook Connnect Plugin

The Web is slowly moving toward SSO as a standard option for users. In my opinion, this is the way to go.

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